Budget Decorating

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Give your space a budget-friendly update for fall. 

Author: Natalie DiScala; photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

Budget Decorating

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Give your home an update with these fabulous finds all under $100. 


It can be fun to update your home with seasonal accents but it’s not something you want to blow your budget on. If your home is begging for an overhaul this fall, go for it … but do it on a budget! These fab fall finds all clock in under $100 but will give your home just the oomph you’re craving!

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Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Short Metal Collar Vase, Teal

This gorgeous glass vessel is not only the perfect home for a bouquet of fresh or faux flowers, but even when not filled with beautiful blooms, it is a stunning decorative item to grace any room in your home with. Featuring a gold-finish metal collar and a striking teal colour, this piece will look great in your home this fall. Short Metal Collar Vase, Teal, , $35.

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: Indigo

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Candlefish Ceramic Candles

Surround yourself with the gentle, calming glow of candlelight this fall season. This beautiful candle is made from soy wax and will give you 60 hours of burn time. Featuring marine notes, as well as notes of stone fruit, rose and moss, it will also fill your home with a delightful and inviting fragrance. Candlefish Ceramic Candles, , $28.

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: Anthropologie

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Dream Peachy

It’s time to change up the art on your walls! Inject some new colours and at the same time, give your home a whole new look by swapping out existing art with new pieces that will make your walls feel fresh and revived! This beautiful piece is alive and vibrant with colour and will make you happy each time you pass it. Dream Peachy, , starting at $21. 

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: Minted

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Textured Fleece Throw Blanket

Throw blankets come in all shapes, sizes, colours and, yes, price points! We love the look and soft feel of this h fleece throw but we are also digging the price point, too! Updating your home for the season doesn’t have to cost a fortune and this cozy throw will not only look good on display but will keep you warm on those long, cold fall nights. Textured Fleece Throw Blanket, , $55.99.

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: Wayfair

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Meadowlark Print Organic Duvet Cover & Sham

When it’s dark and chilly outdoors, head to the sanctuary in your bedroom where thoughts of spring reign supreme! This printed duvet cover and sham set features a gorgeous meadowlark print on 100% organic cotton percale. Colourful and cheerful, this is a quick and easy way to update your bedroom. Meadowlark Print Organic Duvet Cover & Sham, , $23 - $95.

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: Pottery Barn

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

3D Faceted Mirrors

Instantly turn your home into a gallery! These 3D faceted mirrors are stunning sculptural pieces that will add a healthy dose of modernism to your home. The unique trio of mirrors will catch and reflect light in interesting ways in your home and will certainly be a conversation starter when friends come to visit. 3D Faceted Mirrors, , $79.

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: West Elm

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Anni Floral Round Printed Rug

Wood and tile floors can get cold underfoot during fall and winter so warm things up with a cozy area rug. This pretty rug features a fall-inspired motif and colour palette and is easy to add to any room in your home – and subtract when you no longer need the warmth underfoot. The perfect seasonal decorating accent! Anni Floral Round Printed Rug, , $79.

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: Urban Outfitters

Fabulous fall favourites under $100

Wallace Grey Curtains

Curtains not only provide a perfect finishing touch to any room but they can also add some extra insulation to keep the cold air from drafty windows at bay. These 100% cotton curtain panels are yarn dyed and have an elegant drape you’re sure to love and we love this soft shade of grey, a pleasing neutral that will easily suit many different styles of rooms. Wallace Grey Curtains, , $79.95 - $99.95.

Image by: Style at Home By: Natalie DiScala Source: Crate & Barrel



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Budget Decorating

Fabulous fall favourites under $100